Wardrobe Decimation

So, why am I throwing away and donating stuff from my wardrobe?

Frankly, because I really hate my wardrobe.

I haven’t exactly picked the best time to be doing this, unfortunately. As I’m pregnant, rebuilding a wardrobe right now is something of an exercise in futility. I know what I want to do with my wardrobe, but hell if I’m doing that right now when I’m really only going to be in this stuff for a few months.

On the other hand, I have to get new clothing for my pregnancy because I simply don’t fit in any of my other stuff anymore. That is actually serving to make the decimation of my wardrobe easier. Doesn’t fit right now? Not totally in love it it? Well, it probably won’t fit after baby anyway, so out it goes.

Right now my wearable wardrobe is down to three pairs of jeans, six shirts, two sweaters and not a whole lot else. And frankly? I’m kind of enjoying that. It sure makes it easier to get ready in the morning when I’m not faced with hundreds of choices.

And in the long run, I’m going to need to buy new clothing when this whole pregnancy thing is over and I’ve taken the baby weight off. I sort of want to be one of those women that always looks super put-together. Also, I’m 35 and jeans and t-shirts just ain’t doing me any favours anymore.